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Our History

Our company operates since 1984 and maintains its head office in Thessaloniki. Transporting in the market and installing the best security systems, always takes care to satisfy the changing needs and demands of consumers, offering complete solutions, which are extended in the area of technical support.

It started as a personal business, its success how-ever, inspired us to set up a branch in Athens. Wanting the qualitative improvement of safety and security, we participated in the establishment of the company SECURITY GROUP ACTIVITY for receiving alarm signals, which until now is a shareholder.

Since 2003 we moved our head office in privately owned facilities, 1500m. In Kalamaria, Thessaloniki and Athens branch in privately owned facilities 750t.m. in Egaleo, Attiki.

Today, we are a modern and constantly evolving group of companies and we also have included in our workforce, the company DBS Security Products.

Corporate Presentation

Our desire to reinforce the need for safety inspired us to set up the company Force in 1984. Considering the very significant presence of Greek products in the market, that stand out the for their quality, we import and distribute the most appropriate and modern security systems for your personal spaces.

It is true that the security of a home or workplace suffers significantly in recent years. Since burglars have acquired the technology and know-how to circumvent security systems that previously seemed inaccessible, security today is one of the biggest request from all of us. Our effort  to evolve and refine our services, we high-lighted as one of the best and most reliable companies in the field.

Today, Force, is a modern and responsible company which:

  1.        Operates with the vision that dictates to seek the best for their clients and always maintains the best quality products.
  2.        Provides advanced technology products that are easy to use and ensure comfortable and easy handling
  3.        Governed by a set of values that dictate the respect and honesty towards the customer, and are consistent with the values of everyday life.
  4.        Takes care to employ qualified people who share its vision of providing high quality services with the ultimate aim of improving the living conditions.
  5.        Provides security systems that meet even the highest demands, providing higher technology equipment
  6.        Repairs and installs security systems in every house, shop, private space needed services

Also important decision was to participate in establishing a company, a central station that provides security services concerning guarding and alarm monitoring, the subsequent ACTIVITY SECURITY GROUP, in which is a shareholder until today.

Since 2011, the company dynamically engaged with import and sale of hotel equipment. Among others, we provide in the Greek Market hotel locks, safes, hairdryers, sauna’s cabinet locks, every savers, mini bars, doorbell systems etc.